Corporate Events

Mass Corporate Events  in Ahmedabad organizes and implements meetings, annual meetings, inauguration ceremonies etc. It lets you be tension free as we present endless portfolio of corporate event management for corporate group outings, annual meetings, customer meetings and
corporate inauguration ceremonies. Our event team in Ahmedabad are highly admired by our clients for offering the best and most dependable services.
Corporates plan and execute meetings with their audience and target them with relevant information. Usually events like seminars, conferences, trade shows to generate leads or host one to reinforce their image in the industry as a leader. We also assure the logistics like promotional materials, decorations and workforce arrive on time for your company’s event. This includes site selection, lodging, transportation, catering, meetings or golf and other activities. Negotiation skills are very important for this program because it involves all aspects of event planning. Mass Events team in Ahmedabad strategically engage your target audience by integrating the core values of your Brand or Business.

  • We personalize your brand.
  • We motivate your employees so they live up to the brand promise to consumers.
  • We create the bond between your product or service and your end consumer.

Mass Events Management emerged as a full fledged event management company in Ahmedabad and is one of the best event organisers in Ahmedabad known for high quality and are preferred in corporate world for promotion.

Promotional / Launching Events :

Organising a live event isn’t nearly as hard as you would think! Mass Events has organised and supported a vast array of different types of
events, always with the utmost professionalism and quality. This ensures we deliver your message in the best possible light. Much as we would like to stay indoors and keep warm, when called for we look forward to the opportunity to show our creativity outdoors/Live events such as concerts and ceremonies! Exceptional creativity, conceptual capability and management expertise unite in our Live Events service. From story boarding and venue finding to concept development, project management, lighting and sound and design and build, we’ll work to innovate and inspire across every element.

Today the ultimate challenge for companies is to preserve & boost your competitive edge and achieve greater market share. That is why we provide our clients with smart & simple marketing strategies with appropriate promotional tools which will help you achieving not only the market share but also consumers mind share. We are specialized in making the right noise so that your brand needs to make waves. Being one of the best event management company, we provide most innovative marketing ideas, help brands to connect with maximum target audience using all the aggressive marketing tools. Our management has handled all types of Branding activities such as Road Shows, Mall Promotions, Movie Promotions etc. in Ahmedabad, and all over India.

  • Experiential Marketing
  • Road Show
  • Innovative Promotional Activities
  • Promotional Activities in Corporate Parks
  • Mall Promotions
  • Branding
  • Print Media
  • Radio Promotions & Many more…


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